Student Government Association at Georgetown - McDonough School of Business

The MBA Student Government Association (SGA) serves the student body of Georgetown’s MBA Program. In this capacity, the SGA is the primary interface between the student body and the faculty and administration. The SGA also plans social events and boosts alumni relations. The group exists to make students’ time at the McDonough School of Business as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

The SGA ultimately is responsible for major student organization decisions, management of finances, and implementation of new and existing policies or initiatives. One of the most popular and well-known functions of the SGA is social event planning. The vice president for social activities plans all major social events both on and off campus. These events include the Thursday kegs, outings to local sporting events, and fall and spring formals. In addition to the executive officers, first-year cohort representatives are elected in the fall. They are responsible for the leadership of their respective cohorts and represent the cohorts in various administrative settings.

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