GMA Board Officers

GMA represents over 100 Full-time and Evening Program MSB students with an interest in and passion for marketing

Meet the 2017 GMA Board!

20160912 MBA 0202.jpg Austin Watzlavick | Co-President

Industry before business school: Healthcare consulting for the Veterans Health Administration

Favorite brand: Amazon | Favorite ad: Always, Like a Girl

Summer internship: Nestle, Brand Management


Puja.jpg Puja Garg | Co-President

Industry before business school: Education, Non-profit, Social Impact

Favorite brand: Apple | Favorite ad: Best Buds

Summer internship: Hershey, Brand Management



Industry before business school: Technology, Software Publishing

Favorite brand: Google | Favorite ad: ESPN Sportscenter, Chicago Cubs World Series Win


_DSC1270.jpg Sarah Reid | VP of Alumni

Industry before business school: Nonprofit Fundraising in Healthcare and the Arts

Favorite brand: Starbucks | Favorite ad: Imagine the Possibilities

Summer internship: Hilton, Marketing and Internal Brand Consulting


 VP of Career | Arielle Kouffman

Industry before business school: Financial services & International development

Favorite brand: Trader Joe’s | Favorite Ad: Mattel’s "You Can Be Anything" Campaign


 Guilherme Maluf | VP of Career

Industry before business school: Telecom 

Favorite brand: Red Bull | Favorite ad: Nike - Brazilian team airport


20160912 MBA 1018.jpg Gabriel Bermudez | VP of Career, International

Industry before business school: Consulting

Favorite brand: Nike | Favorite ad: Jogo Bendito (TyC Soccer World Cup)

Summer internship: Amazon, Retail Leadership and Development


 Chelsea O'Hanlon | VP of Communications & Social 

Industry before business school: Advertising 

Favorite brand: Adidas | Favorite Ad: Volkswagen - The Force

Summer internship: PayPal, Consumer Insights & Product Development


 William Coughlin | VP of Membership & Community 

Industry before business school: Government Relations, Tax and Financial Services Policy 

Favorite brand: BMW | Favorite Ad: “Kid” Porsche 911

Summer internship: Trade Cycle Management, Mazda North America 


 Melissa Antal | Evening Program Liason 

Industry before/during business school: International Development & Public Health Nutrition

Favorite Brand: Amazon | Favorite Campaign: Pay with Blood” The Untold Festival in Romania


 Andres Agudelo Gonzalez | VP of Case Competitions 

Industry before business school: Spirits & Wine/Supply Chain

Favorite brand: Johnnie Walker | Favorite ad: Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World

Summer internship: Brand Management


 Divya Patel | VP of Marketing Day

Industry before business school: Credit Cards Marketing for Citi

Favorite brand: Disney | Favorite ad: Procter & Gamble, 'Thank You, Mom'

Summer internship: Amazon, Product Management


 Neharika Malhotra | VP of Marketing Trek

Favorite brand: Nike | Favorite Ad: ‘Maybe it’s my fault’, Nike/Jordan

Summer internship: Coca-Cola, Global Marketing 


 Teona Surguladze | VP of Marketing Trek

Industry before business school: Doctor in Pharmacy

Favorite brand: Apple | Favorite Ad: 1984 Apple’s Mac 

Summer internship: AstraZeneca