Our Mission: 

The Graduate Marketing Association prepares McDonough School of Business students succeed in all types of marketing careers, including brand management, entrepreneurship, consulting, business development, and general management.

GMA does this through:

  • education in marketing frameworks and the benefits of a marketing-based perspective
  • providing mentorship, seminars, interview prep, resume review, speaker series, and internship workshops
  • forging company relationships
  • facilitating alumni interaction 

These services prepare our members to aggressively promote themselves for internships and full-time positions. Our goal is to make you marketable!

We also work to build awareness of McDonough School of Business as a premier marketing institution among corporate, alumni, and prospective student communities. We do this by assisting faculty, administration and the admissions office in marketing the school as well as providing consulting services to the corporate community.

Main Activities:

GMA sponsors several career events throughout the year which allow our members to network directly with professionals in various marketing fields, while developing and growing their own strengths and talents. Such events include:

  • Marketing Day
  • Marketing Trek
  • Interview workshops
  • Case competitions
  • Speaker series
  • Independent consulting projects

GMA also plans a number of other fun events, such as: Superbowl Adstravaganza, Halloween costume contest and party, Senior send-off barbecue, and happy hours that take place both on- and off-campus.

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